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ORDER 20 YEAR SHELF LIFE FOOD I'm having a "home party" (VIA E-MAIL) but it's not Tupperware. It's through Shelf Reliance, which sells freeze dried long term (up to 25 years) shelf life food. - I am NOT becoming a consultant, just having a "party" to "sell" long term shelf life food to those who may be interested. You are invited to order, AND to please pass this info on to anyone else you feel may be interested. Please RSVP with your order right away, and please pray it is successful!!!I'm NOT going to work for the company! Just having a party! But your participation will help me because (like Tupperware) I DO earn free stuff for getting orders or others booking a party!   I'm taking orders via e-mail.  Like with Tupperware, that means I get "free stuff" if you order from me or book a party through me. SO...  If you look on line at their site and find something you want, would you please NOT order there, but order through me? Just type up what you want with order numbers and the name and price of product(s) you want and your contact info (please include phone number). Then send it to me  JoniAmes@aol.com. The consultant, Kerry Black, from the Shelf Reliance company will then call you back for your payment info. Orders take 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. AND If YOU decide to book a party, whatever you order from me will ALSO be counted towards YOUR party and help to earn FREE STUFF for YOU too!!! Your church can also have a "Party" and earn free food items for their emergency pantryYou can also be put in their "Q" and receive items on a monthly basis, if you desire to do so.   These items are the best quality and best deal of anything like it out there, in my opinion. And they taste good too! And that is important!  If you want to order - please do NOT place your order on line - just go there to see what you want and make your list. The website address is: http://www.shelfreliance.com   Please then email your order to me at JoniAmes@aol.com ok? And let me know if you also want to book a party so that if you do, your order can be counted toward your "party" too ok? THANK YOU!!!!
God has GOOD plans for you!  (Jer. 29:11)
Joni Ames P.O. Box 99 Elkview, WV 25071 Or give via the Cash App. Try it using my code and we’ll each get $5  when you send $50 or more. cash.me/app/NQJQHMB My giving tag is:  $joniames ~ Tax Deductible Gifts ~ You can send a check to: Hope Ministries P.O. Box 470743 Charlotte NC  28247 Important:  Be sure to put "for Joni Ames" in memo section.